Boyish Good Looks - Lift Your Spirits Up lyrics

Oh my god, I just heard the news
I'll pack tonight, catch a flight
And I'll be there soon
Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you

Because at times like this we need
Anything and everything to lift our spirits up
From the troubles we've been facing

And if you want I will be there
Shining my eyes, shining my eyes
And if you want, I'll always be there

It's difficult when no words are consoling
And tearing up is worth not withholding

Tomorrow by noon
I will be there with you, it's ok

Hiding away, it's not ok
When you're all alone
I'll be there in time, be there in time
For you to hold
Running away, running away
It's not ok
I'll be there in time, I'll be there in time
For you to hold and give you hope