Boy In December - Island lyrics

Turned me into rain
Before I ran to fire
One man's wake to shame
Is another's cold desire

Pushed up to the edge
With such a believable fall
One man's arcade is
Another's wrecking ball


And still I stay on my island
My island
And still I stay on my island

Tune me in from grain
Before the signal's lost
One man's limits fall
On another's rising costs
One's man putdown
Is another's anthem glorious
All that we toss away
Comes back to unclear

Chorus X2
But you can't say I'm not trying

What are we waiting for?
I've been billed a sale
Made out of the veil
I held over my view
Now I'm overdue
Coming through to you
To fall out of my view

How long can
You withstand
The length of our commands
How long can
We pretend
We're on own our island
How long can
We defend
Our own meridian
How long can
We depend
On this old oxygen