Bow Wow - Youngn' lyrics

(feat hype d - , snoop dogg and j kwon)

(J-Kwon on Chorus)
Yous a youngn nigga you aint ready fo tha game
Yous a youngn nigga you aint ready fo tha fame
Youz a youngn nigga you aint ready to get it
'cause yous a youngn nigga you aint ready to get
That gat and pull tha trigga yous a youngn nigga
Yous a youngn nigga you aint tippin like me nigga

(Hype-D Verse 1)
Nigga yous a youngn but , im 14 in tha game
And got all tha chicks screamin mutha f**ka
I got tha fame I can rap it I can trap it
Shit I can put it in atl and ship it to alaska
Nigga im real I aint fake my shoes are real but them
Wal marts aint , u cant rap like me u wish you could
If u wuz in a god mood I still beat u couldnt , so plung
Ya girl ace a girl she gotta f**ka face , but no disgrace
I rap like this and put another verse in ya face , its like
Im stuck in a mase and I cant get it out just like comin out with a cd
And other people aint got no hope for ya thats tha way I was but not no mo
'cause im back wit a buz put it on em nigga and gun em nigga 'cause u's a youngn
Nigga 14 and im pullin tha trigga what all tha girls say I tip they ass
And they give me a good blast man im tha king of rap and tha ATL trap
But dont give me no mo crap 'cause nigga im back if ya dont like it
Just fight 'cause nigga ya cant beat me 14 in tha game and stealin ya fame
Ya know who I b ya aint got time to open ya eyes and see they think im not doin it but im a out do em if you know somebody like that nigga pull up and say to em....

Snoop Dogg on (Chorus)

Bow wow on (Chorus)