Bow Wow - Here I Go lyrics

Drama what it is? (Yo!)
Shoutout to the Bucktown, nigga that's the crib. (Ohio!)
Yeah, these niggas sweet like brownies and my crib so big I swear it's got it's own count. (Wizzle!)
Chillin' on my balc. (Wizzle!)
Checkin' out the view
I can tell you a bitch and ya' man pussy too. (Ha!)
My ex-girl wildin' at a nigga on Twitter
But that's what I get for fuckin' with these stupid bitches. (Chea!)
Run with my team. (Yeah!)
YMCMB. (Ha!)
Smokin' on my eight joint nobody's high as me (Shit!)
Crushin' all my competition. (Huhh!)
Like I had some
Watch yo'
Feet that's, (Why?)
Rabbit fur in my phantom. (Chea!)
Nigga stay
Gettin' that'
But im in the lead though. (Chea!)
Rollin' up more trees yo
I do it for the CO, Ohio
That midwest
Where nigga's get they roll on
Fuck around and get stole on
Comin' up short holmes

Champion sweater with they all grey hoodie
All about my paper like a muhhfuckin' bully. (Yeah!)
Legend in the game, I ain't no muhhfuckin' rookie
It's goin' cost a 100k in advance just to book me, chea
Penthouse, I'm in the high rise fellows
Take my girl to the game and make my old thing jealous
Yeah, stuntin' so hard, police wanna' sweat us
But I'm in that lambo (Vroom!), he can forget it
Yeah, heatin' lobster, outta' the shell
Went from Ohio to Berlin my name ring bells
Plus I rock mics well
Plus I'm hard as hell
She don't get fed, we don't mix well like salt on snails
Bitch I'm hot like hell!
I'm teachin' you learnin'
Flow so hot, i'll leave the fuckin' microphone burnin'!
I'm the best nigga
Come test nigga
I'm 24, but I'm feelin' like a vet nigga
I make them hoes get wet like Keith Sweat nigga
Bow Wizzle aimin' straight for yo' neck nigga. (and I'm gone.)