Bow Wow - Cuff Yo Chick (feat. Fabolous) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Chorus:
, You better cuff yo chick
, When you see us out nigga
, You better cuff yo chick
, you...
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Bow Wow - Cuff Yo Chick (feat. Fabolous) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: You better cuff yo chick
ZH: 箍你最好带哟小鸡

EN: When you see us out nigga
ZH: 当你看到我们出爱

EN: You better cuff yo chick
ZH: 箍你最好带哟小鸡

EN: you better keep her close to ya
ZH: 您更好地使她靠近雅

EN: you better cuff yo chick
ZH: 箍你最好带哟小鸡

EN: you better grab her tight cuz you know we got millions for real
ZH: 您更好地抓住她紧的因为你知道我们真正有了百万

EN: Bow Wow
ZH: 弓哇

EN: You better cuff her like a cop
ZH: 您更好地箍带她像缔约方会议

EN: every time you see bow wow wow wow come around
ZH: 每次你看见左右来的弓哇哇哇

EN: she love my swag
ZH: 她爱我赃物

EN: and she already know how a young nigga puts it down
ZH: 她已经知道如何年轻的家伙放

EN: she said she want a baller, not a bench warmer
ZH: 她说她想要的芭蕾舞、 不暖和的长凳

EN: you aint even in the game yet
ZH: 你甚至在游戏中尚不

EN: cant keep yo broad, you so lame, damn where yo GAME at
ZH: 不能保持哟广泛,你这样靠不住,他妈在哪里哟在游戏

EN: and if we in the club you better cuff yo girl super tight
ZH: 如果我们在俱乐部箍你最好带哟超紧的女孩

EN: cuz it just might be your girl who end up in my room tonight
ZH: 因为它只可能是你人,今晚最后在我房间里的女孩

EN: big pimpin, no simpin, you know just how i does it
ZH: 大 pimpin、 没有 simpin,你知道我的呢

EN: take yo girl, in front of you, and you ain't gone do nothin
ZH: 采取哟女孩,在你,和你不是去做吸引力

EN: she want me to take her home, she blowin up my phone
ZH: 她要我带她回家,她给我打电话飘荡

EN: even got, "you can get it all" on her ringtone
ZH: 即使得到了,"你可以得到这一切"上她铃声

EN: you girl so out of pocket, you know that she be boppin
ZH: 你女孩如此掏腰包,你知道,她是 boppin

EN: she know we ballin, so she wants to ride my Houston rocket
ZH: 她知道我们对质,所以她想要骑我的休斯敦火箭

EN: (Chours)
ZH: (连)

EN: Fabolous:
ZH: Fabolous:

EN: Mr. Officer, Mr. Officer
ZH: 先生主任、 先生主任

EN: would you please take them handcuffs off of her
ZH: 请你把它们从她的手铐

EN: cuz there's so many things I could offer her
ZH: 因为那里是我可以提供她的很多东西

EN: tell her "dead that" and I got the coffin bra
ZH: 告诉她"死,"和我得到了棺材文胸

EN: I'm sorry for your lose it must be awful huh
ZH: 我很抱歉你失去它必须是可怕呵呵

EN: my money tall, yours is like a dwarf so uh
ZH: 我身高的钱,你就像矮那么糟

EN: we kick it, I'm down like it's 4th and uh
ZH: 我们把它踢,我下来跟它是第 4 次,嗯

EN: I think she wanna give me head, how thoughtful huh
ZH: 我认为她想给我的头,真是考虑周到呵呵

EN: you see me in new york, see me in LA
ZH: 你看我在纽约,看到我在洛杉矶

EN: See me in miami, see me in the A
ZH: 看看我的迈阿密,看我的

EN: Might see me in houston, or see me in the bay
ZH: 可能会看到我在休斯敦,或看到我在托架中

EN: But its gonna be hard to see me with that nigga in the way
ZH: 但它会难见我与方式的夜

EN: (Chours)
ZH: (连)

EN: No it ain't drizzy, its ya boy em dolla
ZH: 没有 drizzy,其雅男孩 em 多洛

EN: no i ain't rich, but cuff yo chick by the collar
ZH: 不,我不是有钱,但箍带哟小鸡的衣领

EN: cuz if a little nigga like me tryna holla
ZH: 因为如果要是你喜欢我你我半空

EN: then I gaurentee ya'll breakin up tomorrow.
ZH: 然后我 gaurentee 雅会明天分分。

EN: I know she your everything, I just feed her protine
ZH: 我知道她你的一切,我只是喂她 protine

EN: beat it in the bed sheets, and put her in a deep sleep
ZH: 打在床单、 并把她放在深睡眠

EN: And when she wake up she always askin for a repeat
ZH: 当她醒来她总是不顾一切的重复和

EN: I know she rep the "A" but I put her on my B-team
ZH: 我知道她 rep 将"A",但把她放在我的 B 队

EN: I ain't gonna sell a dream, but the last girl I sold D
ZH: 我不是要卖梦,但我卖 D 的最后一个女孩

EN: I had her relapsin like a fiene
ZH: 我有她像菲纳 relapsin

EN: Nino Brown type, what she want in her life
ZH: 她希望在她生命中的 Nino 布朗类型

EN: Is a nigga like me layin pipe, you better cuff yo chick
ZH: 是爱箍像我谂管,你最好带哟小鸡

EN: (chours)
ZH: (连)