Bound Stems - Refuse the Refuse lyrics

Now that's what I call an evening that'll change your life!

"It's been a lovely year," I'm telling all my friends. The fellas laughed, but we felt that they were mortified--it's just a trained response, don't get mad at them. If we should meet, it should be out here to say goodbye...and the world sleeps tight while we move along. "Back in the old days you'd have tried to change her mind." You're learning fast, son, everybody loves you...

Every word of it was for him! It was deep in his conscience. We crossed the square walking homeward; the light laughter of the folks reached him. He understands that we're polite just for the sake of the walk home. Every word of it was for him, every word of it was for--

Reading us the news, collecting quarters. Off into the night, it's doctor's orders. People are the same, they came in contact--we kept underground, nobody would know. I could stay all night: I've got my health now, got it in the bag. The neighborhood felt finally like a home.

("It's how it's always been," you told me everything. Mystery is solved!)

I was succinct 'cause I lost my voice. On the train we were talking, and everyone felt like a good friend: we'd been apart for a long time, now we've come back and we're ready. Everyone feels like a good friend. "Everyone feels like a good friend!"

It's been all going by just right: I love my life, your life... We shake hands. I walk away with pride now; I found out how. I've been up all night. I finally go to bed now: I won.