Bound Stems - Excellent News, Colonel lyrics

"I've fallen for someone in New York.

"It's something that I hadn't expected, though I think it's so much better for us both. The timing was abysmal but we tried. I hope you still find the time to write, to tell me about how school ended. And if you've fallen in love, I hope we can keep it up."

You're a natural fit, I haggle you for a treat. See, I'm a curious boy; my creature comforts are so unpredictable... I'd like to talk and convince you to come to Chicago because you're welcome here, love:

I fly you out to my little apartment. We'll kiss and sleep on our floor, wake up to the morning day. We'll fix a makeshift place and finish what we opened up: it was a figure that we miscalculated...

But we're older now and oh, we're ever hopeful: I've got a feeling that the dash is going to make up for the trouble. Now it's roaring noon and it's a celebration, and we gallop through the city, you're the chief investigator.

We've seen the rise and the fall of a family in just a couple blocks. It's been too much talk, and we climb back to my house and lay where we'd been two years before: we're not leaving for the week no more...

I was a part of this for sure; not consciously, but just enough. Excellent news! This episode has been secret for the winter months. I'm currently doing a great deal of work in that very field. They were the first and last to know we made a life and let it go--for now...