Bound For Glory - Warrior's Glory lyrics


Many moons ago they traveled side by side
Reigning and conquering, their hearts were filled with pride
The courage of the lion, the power of the sword
They ruled the land and sea that was by their fjord

The longboats are ready to sail
Manned with axe, sword and flail
The sword is what they lived by
To Valhalla they were destined after they died

Onward to plunder and pillage
Set out to destroy the enemy's village
No mercy given to the foe
Finish him off with a final blow

Now their spirit lives on today
Generations have passed on the way
The birth of the warrior, many years ago did it start
Now their pride and their honor lies within our hearts

White Power!

Boots and braces and short-cropped hair
Into the streets where no-one dares
Honor and strength that is our pride
For Victory we will fight to die

Soon the earth shall hear our call
Before us the enemy will fall
There will be no end to this story
'Cos we'll carry on the faith, warrior's glory!

White Power!