Bound For Glory - The Way It Should Be (Again) lyrics


The festival of White men is about to begin
People from everywhere they gather like kin
Gather around for a glorious tale
Of our mighty forefathers, how they blazed a trail

The sun goes down, the Cross is lit, at the sight the children stare
There's love and pride all around you, can you feel it in the air

And that's the way it should be
Feeling so White and so free
Yes that's the way it should be
There's nothing better for me

Stories are told and experience shard
Then a speech is made by a man who cares
White weddings, and Aryan couples advance
And the evening's topped off with a song and dance

I hear my spirit say, "I don't ever want to leave"
'Cos this is White unity, far beyond belief

(chorus) x2

For me
For me

That's the way it should be