Bound For Glory - America, America lyrics


How much more time before my country dies
How many more tears must my children cry
How much more slander must my people take
The survival of our race is at stake

Crooked politicians and their media lies
A race of dignity is what they despise
They're raping our nation that was proud and free
Now like vultures they are coming for me

America, America, what has become
A once proud nation is turning into a slum
America, America, can you tell me why
Corruption keeps on growing while my people die

I was left on the cross to die
They crucified my body but they couldn't steal my mind
A menace to society is what I was called
But they're scared of a man with a heart and soul

They said my actions would seal my fate
That's when my love came and turned to hate
No more fools can make me obey
I've smashed the shackles, now I'm breaking away