Bound By Entrails - Flame And Hammer lyrics

Defaming the purest grounds
Which were once not poisoned.
The Rendezvous' for the conquerors of lands

Slaughtered by the christian man
Blood shed for the sake of expansion.
Futures gone, forgotten pasts


By Flame and Hammer
Bring it down


Spill their blood
upon the ground


In retribution a spark is thrown
Steel on steel
Igniting the hearts of those
Willing to battle for the end of them

Throw the torch and watch the blaze
Motherlands shall be once again
Fertilize with the blood and ash
Of this whore of an adversary

Come forth and make amends
Strange twist of fate
Deny your king or take it slow
No way out
give me the pleasure
On your knees
Bleeding down

Though smoldering embers
It's ours again