Bos Taurus - Dead Inside lyrics

Dead inside,
Oh I’m dead inside,
Guess I could have lied to you, but I didn’t
You should know.

I’ve been tried for treason
Now so many times a season
I’ve a judge inside of me and a jury.

But most days I think they’re wrong
When the verdicts come along.
I can’t see how
This ruling came about.

If I may try at this time
To defend my life on a hard line
I’d like to state that my court hearing here has been rigged
In the vote.

And when I stand down and am wrist bound
And take a look around, hear my last sound
I’m sure to see your face grinning in the crowd.

And all this living seemed so fitting until tonight,
tonight, tonight…

And all this living seemed so fitting until tonight…

You know…
I just realized my appeal died…
My last trick right of the mark.
Just like you hoped, you hoped, you hoped…