Bos Inc - Fuck Gay Pride lyrics

See the little Candy asses driving in my neighborhood
Ask me where I'm going and ask me if I'm feelin good.
They say come along and I'll take ya for a joyride
But all I have to say is FUCK GAY PRIDE!
Hey sexy wanna come shoot the drag?"
Get the hell outta my face you panzee ass fag!
Little fudgepacker drove a stick
Silly mother fucker, DICKS are for CHICKS!

Boom suckin stupid fags ask me to come in
So I pull out my cap and bust a bullet in his head
No man hands are gonna touch mine
Before I leave I'll be pulling out the Nine
No hairy man is gonna be my hunny
Little boy Blue (blew) cause he needed the money!
If I see any of you sissies Ill beat your head in with a mallet
Ain't nobody gonna toss my salad.