Bonnie Prince Billy - Mrs. William lyrics

Mrs. William, where is William?
Where has William go?
You know you shouldn't
Come into a place like this alone

Now if you'd like to sit here at my table, I'll abide
But it isn't usually my thing to do anothers bride
I'll sell my heart, I'll sell my brain
I'll sell my love and all my fame

My mother maybe
And my brother too
To raise the stake to pay for you
To get you from his side

And then I'll watch, keep one eye open
Halfway fearing, halfway hoping
That blackguard boy with handsome muscle
Disturb your sleep with tiny tussle

And earn by stealing Mrs. William
Mrs. William gone again
But with your eyes and with your aura
You'll never leave this place alone

I have you always, the taste of us coming
You'll make the beasties and the flora
You're part of our eternal home
Humble and bow down