Bonnie Pink - Tears for Leo lyrics

Baby baby, you say i´ve got everything,
But i don´t think i do.
Baby baby, you don´t understand,
I´m so scared, i´m so scared.
Baby, you say i´m living a lie.
If it´s true, it ain´t my fault.
If you were a millionaire,
And i were sleeping on the street,
Would you have taken me in, baby?

Hate the weakness and love the toughness,
So simple is your life.
I show my crying, which´s only to you.
That is me, true to me.
An anti-hero has big ego and wants some placebo.
You wonder if you know me
But i´m not two-faced.
I just want you to love me all, baby

Leo wants to cry.
My leo wants to cry.
Here´s the tears for leo.
He´s got to cry.

You are such a lion, i´m a mouse instead,
Though i need to be a lion abroad.
I run to you before i run to myself
´cuz you make me feel safe.
It´s a piece of cake.
You scream while i´m meek.
Do you ever cry for us?
I´m scared to show my strength,
Like you´re ashamed to cry.
Tell me how to hold yourself, baby.

Leo wants to cry.
Leo wants to cry.
Leo wants to cry.
He doesn´t dare to cry.