Bongwater - Holding Hands lyrics

We've run down the hill in east european country side
It's spring!

We go into what used to be a church, but now is a theater built into the hill
Three, count'em, Three nazis are on stage, to ????
and others on the motorcycle
They are all dressed in free nazi regelia, very stylish and handsome

They pull out their ougres and shoot at their target on the left
Cut to the film portion of our show (that shows what it is the nazis are shooting at):
is whatever's left of a human stuck in a drainpipe that is overflowing with mercury water to a pond
Bullets are shooting out at the bloody stump that sticks out of the pipe and
Is that what I think it is (lauging)? it looks like.. ??? brown, and old pizza!

There is a last-ditch attempt to fight the nazis but it fails.
The wedding that's been taking place outside is no more;
All that's left of the bride and groom are their severed hands, touching one another
??? and died.