Bone Thugs N Harmony - Tha Points lyrics

Layzie Bone:
Puttin yo' shit to the pave
Endin' up meetin the gauge live in the land of the brave, crazed, dazed
Gotta blaze dem A's and neva to taste Bone
Me deadly thuggish brothers ruggish never to take no losses
Put 'em all in a coffin, get dearly departed, betta off there

Wish Bone:
Relivin' the psychopath and down with tha buckin' blast, and takin' my chance
Cause niggas be fearin' my Sawed Off who gon' be rest, to pass the blast
Cause if ya thinkin of kickin these ya best be packin yo' shit, ya bitch
Not that it makes a difference, ya step and ya done with tha quickness

Krayzie Bone:
Now Krayzie Bone is rip (buck, buck, buck) fuckin' once again
It ain't a nigga to pick up a pen to be rippin' tha skin to send it down to the Mac 10
There's neva anotha to cova tha brotha I smotha tha sucka and move undercover
Be leavin dem niggaz as they go and take cova, but threwin, and doin a second murda

Bizzy Bone:
Hit 'em with the street sweepa
Would it make or break 'cause me pullin' outta yo pot, which shot
Puttin' tha bullets just where ya hurts and ummm
Whippedy tet, tet, tet, tet, tet with tha bo, bo, bo deppedy dup
Betta be yo set up, wet up, get 'um on the get uo, Bone won't let ya