Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Music Makes Me High lyrics

(feat. Supervision)


If you look into my eyes/ If you look into my eyes tell me what you see/ Tell me what you see, you see ... If you look into my eyes, tell me what you see, you see ...(It's Supervision yall. Bone Thugs yall)

See, they don’t understand me/ I’ve been through him, and him, and him, and then come at ‘em again/ I know niggas that’s in the pen, and figgas for you and them/ Evil creepin’ on my people/ Chances are slim/ Be married to the music, boom!/ Hit the stage, ready to die for it, cry for it, cut the games/ Many tried for it, lied for it, get a catchy chorus and fly for it/ Take orbit, let gravity be your fortress tonight/ Elevate your brain, hold your heart and just sing, cause gracefully we age through all the pain/ Sentiments in rain/ Evidence of it’s heavenly thangs disdained for my explanation on ‘cane/ The fame was the sum of our money, chained in a murder, murder shame, with a pistol and a pissed off bang!/ Well, then let me finish with thug love/ I’m off to hit the club with the bud and the track, hit the mud/ Keep the gun, it’s my first love
Tell me what you see, you see ... (It's Supervision yall, Bone Thugs yall/ It's Supervision yall, Bizzy Bone yall)/If you look into my eyes

Tell me what you see, you see ... (It's Supervision yall, Bone Thugs yall/ It's Supervision yall, Bizzy Bone yall)/If you look into my eyes

I’m making love to my music, my music/My music makes me high (Tell me what you see, you see ... If you look into my eyes)

I'm making love to my music, like my music’s my lady/ Sippin’ on Brandi, intoxicated, hummin’ twist 80/ And I’m chillin’ with Krayzie, and we high off that Thai/ My reason’s why, like R. Kelly, I believe I can fly/ And plus, around me I can’t see, my vision’s clouded/ Premeditate em or bust, and please label me ‘bout it, ‘bout it/ As I collect my thoughts, take me a breath/ God bless my homie Niggo, he took one in the chest/ And yes, but he still here to rap a song, just another day/ While ya bullshhh, crack the top on that Alize (Alize)/ Cause we don’t play in this land of the loc’s, where brothers, they smoke trees up with dust, and see, they bleed/ Then they plead/ Cause I’m on top, straight ballin/ Makin’ love to my woman, but my music’s steady callin’, and never stallin/ But it comes to me, you should please let me have prophecy, yes, I make love to my music/I’m makin’ love ...

I love music/ Any kind of music, as long as it’s pumpin’ to keep me thuggin self in check/ Maintain the mentality I got to keep my composure, and music’s the perfect potion/ When I’m coastin’ roll a blunt up, roll ‘em up/Put some of them jams on (And jam on)/ And, nigga, we zonein’, so put on some old school, homie, let’s hit the dance floor/ Music really makes me happy/ When I’m stressin’, mental hot, I put on some instrumentals/ Stop, I think about what I done been through/ I put it to paper, then put it to wax, and kick some facts, sit back and relax, now everything is all right/ If it wasn’t for this music, I’d be dead, fuck a jail, ‘cause a nigga ain’t never goin’ back to that hell/ Feel me, kill me/ And if it wasn’t for the man upstairs blessing me with talent, like the average thug nigga, would I vanish? (Voom)/ But this platinum got us niggas established/ Got us living lavish/ Apply yourself survival tactics, nigga, and yall can have it/ Even though it’s stress and strain in the game, one thing I can’t do is ... Is stop the music

Nigga, it don't stop, and it won't stop ‘cause i just can't quit/ This game be runnin through my veins with nothin’ but platinum hits/ And nigga it don't stop, ‘cause it won't stop, ‘cause it just don't quit/ This game be runnin’ through my veins with nothin’ but platinum shit/ Nigga I gotsta have it/ It’s like automatic rounds when I put this down/ Constantly fuckin up instrumentals, you remember that thuggish ruggish sound/ You can feel the love goin through the speakers, creepin, livin’ life on the deep end/ Better believe you won’t catch me sleepin, put up a beat and I heat, dismiss the flames/ Nigga, cut the games, me and my music we sleep and eat together/ We hop in the Benz, get off in the winds, and we run the streets together/ And we on a mission to stick up the industry full throttle/ Mo Thugs, mo money the motto, so, nigga, the slugs that I bring come hollow/ Nigga we can do this in the song, or nigga we can do this in person/ Whatever you do when you cross the gunline boss, little Lay'll be puttin’ his work in/ Cause me and my music, nigga, we don't take that shit/ Nigga, put the pen to the pad, get mad and I break that bitch/ Nigga, it's just the thug in me, mixed up with the indo and the Ol’ E/ When I drop this thugsta poetry, I make all y'all know who the fuck I be, niggas!