Bonafide - Less Holy (2014)

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Bonafide - Less Holy lyrics

"Less Holy"

[Verse 1: Bonafide]

No need to lie...You can picture me smoking
Rather be real than a wolf in sheep clothing
With illuminations they got your mind bent
Time to stop watching commercials and read the fine print
Got you brainwashed to bang and run the town
Realize since birth they been trying to dumb us down
Guess 2pac was right because who the hell cares
Why you satisfied with food stamps and welfare???
Caught up in the hype yeah they got you shook
Believing them lies they taught us in them history books
Think you spreading knowledge homey when ya quote it
Sorry this ain't the land of the free we stole it
Got secret societies with mandates
To sell your soul and learn some handshakes
A shame every baby created is not born
And why is everybody famous throwing up them longhorns

Am I less Holy????
Cause I choose to puff a blunt and drink a beer wit my homey's *(Repeat 4 times)

[Verse:2 Bonafide]

Forget religion find spirituality
See I believe in God and also in reality
In actuality who can you call today
We celebrate massacres we just call them holidays
Really who you kidding...That bogus Thanksgiving
Yeah they ate a big ol' feast right after they skinned'em
Don't fall for it they want to rob you of the truth
And not know the statue of liberty was a prostitute
Yeah they got you scared '12 was our last summer
I'm trying to decide if that's Mary in the Last Supper
Time to wake up no more procrastination
Ironic how they infect us with vaccinations
Outlaw weed...Sell tobacco, liquor
Push red meat on us just to kill us quicker
Better take a second look and get it right man
Overpopulated...They want to shorten our lifespan!!!

Am I less Holy???
Cause I choose to puff a blunt and drink a beer with my homey's *(9Repeat 4 times)

Outro piano played by Syksense