Bon Jovi - Always lyrics (Chinese translation). | This romeo is bleeding, but you can't see his blood
, It's nothing but some feelings
, That this old...
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Bon Jovi - Always (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: This romeo is bleeding, but you can't see his blood
ZH: 罗密欧在流血,但你看不到他的血

EN: It's nothing but some feelings
ZH: 这是一些感觉

EN: That this old dog kicked up
ZH: 这只老狗惹

EN: It's been raining since you left me
ZH: 自从你离开我了雨

EN: Now I'm drowning in the flood
ZH: 现在我淹死在洪水中

EN: You see I've always been a fighter
ZH: 你看到我一直是一名战士

EN: But without you I give up
ZH: 但没有你,我放弃了

EN: Now I can't sing a love song
ZH: 现在我不会唱的一首爱情歌曲

EN: Like the way it's meant to be
ZH: 喜欢的方式,它就是

EN: Well,I guess I'm not that good anymore
ZH: 嗯,我想我再也不那么好

EN: But baby, that's just me
ZH: 但这才是我的宝贝,

EN: 1-Yeah I, will love you, baby
ZH: 1,是啊,我,会爱你,宝贝

EN: Always and i'll be there
ZH: 总是和我会在这里

EN: Forever and a day, always
ZH: 永远又总是一天

EN: 2-I'll be there, till the stars don't shine
ZH: 2-我会在那里,直到星星不再闪耀

EN: Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme
ZH: 直到爆了天和字不要韵

EN: I know when i die you'll be on my mind
ZH: 我知道当我死时你会在我脑海里

EN: and I'll love you, always
ZH: 和我永远爱你,

EN: Now your pictures that you left behind
ZH: 现在您你留下的图片

EN: Are just memories of a different life
ZH: 是不同的生活只是记忆

EN: Some that made us laugh
ZH: 它们让我笑

EN: Some that made us cry
ZH: 它们让我哭了

EN: One that made you have to say goodbye
ZH: 一种让你不得不说再见

EN: What I'd give to run my fingers thru your hair
ZH: 我会给轻抚你的头发

EN: Touch your lips, to hold you near,
ZH: 触摸你的双唇,靠近你的身旁,

EN: When you say your prayers, try to understand
ZH: 当你说你的祈祷时,尝试着去理解

EN: I've made mistakes, I'm just a man
ZH: 我犯了错误,我只是一个人

EN: When he holds you close, when he pulls you near
ZH: 当他拥有您关闭,当他拉近你

EN: When he says the words
ZH: 当他说的话

EN: You've been needing to hear, I'll wish I was him
ZH: 你一直需要听到,我多么希望那个人是我

EN: 'Cause these words are mine, to say to you
ZH: 因为这些话是我想对你说

EN: 'Til the end of time (rpt 1)
ZH: 直到结束时间 (报表 1)

EN: If you told me to cry for you, I could
ZH: 如果你告诉我为你哭泣,我可以

EN: If you told me to die for you, I would
ZH: 如果你告诉我为你而死,我会

EN: Take a look at my face
ZH: 看看我的脸

EN: There's no price i won't pay
ZH: 没有我不会付出什么代价

EN: To say these words to you
ZH: 要对你说这些话

EN: Well, there ain't no luck in these loaded dice
ZH: 嗯,没有运气在这些加载骰子

EN: But baby, if you give me just one more try
ZH: 但宝贝,如果你给了我一个更多尝试

EN: We can pack up our old dreams, and our old lives,
ZH: 我们可以重拾旧梦和我们旧的生活,

EN: We'll find a place, where the sun still shines
ZH: 我们会找到一个阳光灿烂的地方

EN: (rpt 1,2
ZH: (报表 1 2