Bon Iver - Calgary lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Note]
, Don't you cherish me to sleep
, Never keep your eyelids clipped
, Hold me for the pops...
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Bon Iver - Calgary (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Note]
ZH: [注]

EN: Don't you cherish me to sleep
ZH: 你不珍惜我睡觉吗

EN: Never keep your eyelids clipped
ZH: 不要让你的眼皮被剪裁

EN: Hold me for the pops and clicks
ZH: 抱着我的持久性有机污染物和点击

EN: I was only for the father's crib
ZH: 我只是为了父亲的婴儿床

EN: Hair, old, long along
ZH: 头发,老了,长时间沿

EN: Your neck onto your shoulder blades
ZH: 你到你的肩上的脖子

EN: Always keep that message taped
ZH: 始终保持录音那消息

EN: Cross your breasts you won't erase
ZH: 跨您的乳房你不会抹去

EN: I was only for your very space
ZH: 只为您非常的共享空间

EN: Hip, under nothing
ZH: 臀部、 下什么

EN: Propped up by your other one, face 'way from the sun
ZH: 由您另一个支撑起来,面对 ' 方式从太阳

EN: Just have to keep a dialogue
ZH: 只需要保持对话

EN: Teach our bodies: haunt the cause
ZH: 教我们的身体: 困扰原因

EN: I was only trying to spell a loss
ZH: 只想拼损失

EN: Joy, it's all founded
ZH: 高兴的是,它是所有公司成立

EN: Pincher with the skin inside
ZH: 平彻与皮肤里面

EN: You pinned me with your black sphere eyes
ZH: 你把我扑着黑色球形眼睛

EN: You know that all the rope's untied
ZH: 你知道所有的绳子解开

EN: I was only for to die beside
ZH: 我是只为死在旁边

EN: So it’s storming on the lake
ZH: 所以它就猛冲在湖上

EN: Little waves our bodies break
ZH: 小波浪式机构休息

EN: There's a fire going out
ZH: 有走出去的火

EN: But there's really nothing to the south
ZH: 但实在没有什么向南

EN: Swollen orange and light let through
ZH: 通过让肿的橙和光

EN: Your one piece swimmer stuck to you
ZH: 坚持你你一块游泳者

EN: Sold, I'm ever
ZH: 卖了,过我一次

EN: Open ears and open eyes
ZH: 打开的耳朵,睁开眼睛

EN: Wake up to your starboard bride
ZH: 醒来,你右舷的新娘

EN: Who goes in and then stays inside
ZH: 是谁进去,然后保持里面

EN: Oh the demons come, they can subside
ZH: 哦,魔鬼来,他们可以消退

EN: [Voicemail]
ZH: [语音邮件]