Boldy James - Cosignment (2012)

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Boldy James - Cosignment lyrics

It's ..everybody's doing
and I promise that I like you
don't bite it hurry up and buy it ti int he big waiting up and..
..has quite you flyin
soon in the sky and em I'm the cold pime
put up in the hoes and..
the cut on the stone and..
int he block, in the kitchen all white break
kick your spot skilly G's eye peat
ready rock water whip me with the right risk
let it lock when I hit it with the ice chip
..on the night shit
ice cold with the blow boy you're the..
with the politeness seeking you your..
they try to take my witness for a..
grand it in the streets I'ma mand it
..they try all my people they convine me
reporter ..was deepin as diamonds
..strong word..
do we ..and front line we get on..
criminal magic take a nigga bricks
..sell ti back to him at the..

for that girl you blunt
call it..
whole lot of fun
yeah girly ..
no got all ..well at the red carpet
..and I'ma charge a fortune
got a flur.. this for her enjoyment
this split it..I took the larger portion
why you under ..and you're working hard
or with your..

uncle split in two ..btu it stare to spend it
sure of a have I sure of you pointing three
that 17 int he hair
now do you laugh with em that would be a track the having three
and the have exactly ..
that's at least the cash you stack the weed
..have the three

am I little teapot
Short and stout
Here is my handle
Here is my spot
When I get all steamed up
I just shot
"Tip me over and pour me out!

..rock up
if I get caught with this..I remain humble
they make me wonder..
'cause upon the ..