Bogus Blimp - Marching To Rome lyrics

As I enter the basement I live in,
I notice that something is wrong.
The smell from the refrigerator
has grown tremendously strong.
The Ooze has merged with the yoghurt.
Add Cauliflower and you have got a brain.
The smell grow so vicious,
I think I am going insane.
Is it alive? Is it ALIVE? No way!
Yet it slides slowy towards me and
adresses me in a blubbly way.

(Beast:) Come to me love!
(Man:) What do you want? What do you want?!
(Beast:) With your feet and my mind,
we will conquer the world in a day.
Come to me, love! Come to me love!
(Man:) No way!
(Beast:) Yes way! We are marching to Rome!