Bodyjar - Same Problem lyrics

I wish that I could read your mind
Would it be cold and dark inside?
There's so many questions that
I'm second guessing
I can't decide
Who keeps the things you throw away?
The bottles the pills the razor blades
I know in my heart I could see from the start
That you'd fade away

I'm not gonna to make you change your mind
I'm not gonna be the one that sits around
In denial
There's no other reason I can find
There's no one to blame but yourself
Live a lie
In denial
I'm gonna make you see
Same problem, same remedy

Live in a dark reality
Misplace responsability
At the end of the day
I just know either way I'll be left behind
So make it tonight, I'll be all right
I will forget every lie that you said
You feel let down again, when
You get left out again