Bodi Bill - Willem lyrics

somehow I feel
like a leg without bruises
sorrow is just for fools
and sadness is for loosers
I don’t know how to behave
because it’s been two days now since you promised me to call

in my head there are squirrels
jumping up and down
they’ve been coming just to do
the cleaning out
but it won’t help much this time
for all my thoughts are circling around you,

I saw the tears in your eyes
as you were holding me tight
why couldn’t you stay another hour or two
don’t go away, don’t go away – don’t go away!

but you turn around
as I try to kiss you there
so I,
I fall over,
hit the ground
with my eyes all closed
you see I see nothing

there are flowers in the park
I guess you need them
and those mocking birds you guard
lets go feed them
all these animals are flying around your nose
when you wake me up
I’m all yours

with your cardboard
and your dictionary phrases
I’m so tired of your
schoolyard embraces

you don’t like sonic youth?
so fuck off and die too!