Bodega Bamz - 100 Keep It (feat. Smoke Dza & Willie The Kid) (2012)

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Bodega Bamz - 100 Keep It (feat. Smoke Dza & Willie The Kid) lyrics

Money was growing out of my tree house
Money cashing pull my feet out
I see my way in but I don’t see the way out
So I put my faith in praying I will make out
Cause where is danger there is no safe ground
Better me than you partner that’s what should I’ve played
Bullshit I am a monster with no options
I m still on Broadway not the Opera
Even though I wanna .. you gotta live for the moment
Recording no night like paranormal activity when .. right
Casualties of a nice game I roar for life
This got .. in a chicken fight
Give me some chicken .. with my sprite
I kept the eye and I never wanna be like Mike
Where are these rappers from all they speak is fiction
I guess they ask for the help cause honestly is sickness

Is dark as hell and hot
You heard the …
I am in this bitch game and they are popping like I exhale
My niggers rap less take a neck for your reckless
I got to .. for this instructions say what’s the breakfast
Listen I ain’t nothing like the … fucking stress
Got a nigger on the .. diabolic I am flying by it
I am too real for the fake shit and too .. for the taste list
I am marvelous niggers is garbage got my …
The ring flow everybody is retarded
Drop out dice skip Harvard regardless stay fuck off bread
I miss …I am about the double W I am .. if I can bring it back
Right get a courter for a verse … bitches I .. some more work

Robbing elbows with these elbows
Close than a .. I need closure
Keep my gun … tunnel vision
I take risks no … sell anything than my soul
I am gone with the wind .i don’t give a damn
La crème de la crème .. the boy next door
I am determined … polo by the layer