Bobby V - Slow Down lyrics (Chinese translation). | Bobby Valentino - Slow Down 
, 2004 
, I saw you walking 
, Down on Melrose 
, You looked like an...
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Bobby V - Slow Down (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Bobby Valentino - Slow Down
ZH: 鲍比 · 华伦天奴-慢下来

EN: 2004
ZH: 2004

EN: I saw you walking
ZH: 我看见你走

EN: Down on Melrose
ZH: 在梅尔罗斯

EN: You looked like an angel
ZH: 你看起来像个天使

EN: Straight out of heaven, girl
ZH: 直接从天上,女孩

EN: I was blown away by
ZH: 我被风吹走的

EN: Your sexiness
ZH: 你的性感

EN: All I have to do is catch up to you
ZH: 所要做是抓住你

EN: Hook:
ZH: 钩:

EN: Slow down I just wanna get to know you
ZH: 慢下来我只是想了解你

EN: But don't turn around
ZH: 但别回头

EN: Cuz that pretty round thing looks good to me
ZH: 因为那很圆的东西看起来对我很好

EN: Slow down never seen anything so lovely
ZH: 慢下来从来没见过如此可爱

EN: Now turn around
ZH: 现在转身

EN: And bless me with your beauty, cutie
ZH: 祝福我与你的美丽,美女

EN: A butterfly tattoo
ZH: 蝴蝶纹身

EN: Right above your naval
ZH: 就在上面你海军

EN: Your belly button's pierced too just like I like it girl
ZH: 你的肚脐穿孔太就像我喜欢这样的女孩

EN: Come take a walk with me
ZH: 来和我一起去散步

EN: You'll be impressed by
ZH: 你就会感动

EN: The game that I kick to you
ZH: 我踢到你的游戏

EN: It's over-rollin' with you yeah
ZH: 它是以上出与你是

EN: Bridge:
ZH: 桥:

EN: Like a flower fully bloomed in the summertime, you're ready
ZH: 像一朵花完全盛开在夏天,你准备好

EN: To be watered by this conversation, you're ready
ZH: 这番谈话给浇水,你准备好

EN: And we all can use shine like the sun
ZH: 我们都可以使用像太阳一样照耀

EN: Let me be the one to enjoy you
ZH: 让我是一个懂得欣赏你

EN: Let's kick it girl
ZH: 让我们把它踢的女孩

EN: (Hook x2)
ZH: (钩 x 2)

EN: Oh baby you know by now that I want you bad
ZH: 哦,宝贝你知道的现在,我要你坏

EN: I'm floating on open air I can't come down
ZH: 我飘上露天下来吧

EN: Cupid hit me already damn
ZH: 丘比特打我已经该死

EN: Now I can't leave till seven digits are in my hand, my hand
ZH: 现在,我不能离开七位数都在我的手,我的手

EN: (Bridge)
ZH: (桥)

EN: (Hook x2)
ZH: (钩 x 2)

EN: Slow down never seen anything so lovely
ZH: 慢下来从来没见过如此可爱

EN: Cutie
ZH: 美女

EN: (Hook)
ZH: (钩)