Bobby Tinsley - When I Found You lyrics


Right here, right now
For every starting with this one vow
and I won't
back down
From the promise I'm making
I will live it out
So when I say I do
it's for sure...
Until takes me home, I'm all yours

our love is so real
We both know it's true
my whole life's been change since i found you
livin in a world on my own
suddenly won't do
'cause I found the other half of my heart
when I found you

(When I found you x3)

you're ring
on my hand
there's a piece of your heart that won't be broken
so I it wear proudly
and every time I look down I'd see my baby
so when I say I do, please be sure
until God takes me home
I'm all yours


So when I say I do, I am sure
For the rest of our lives, I am yours