Bobby Goldsboro - Hello Summertime (1974)

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Bobby Goldsboro - Hello Summertime lyrics

Birds and bees and all the flowers and trees and fishes on the line
Girls and gays in yellow boat are fine
Singing hello, summertime
A homely boat and the river to flow
With nothing on a mind
Summer moon above two people in love
Singing hello, summertime

Summertime, yes that is the song
Yes summertime and summertime fine
It's a time for two, just me and you
And summertime

Swing from the rain drop in full swing
Here's the water shoe looks fine
And nothing alone just float belong
Singing hello, summertime
Summertime grains lots of good friends
We all feel it fine
Watch the sun go down, hear the summer sounds
Singing hello summertime