Bob Schneider - Funky Weather lyrics

This funky weather baby's got me down down down
Baby it's been raining since you left town
Ain't no use complaining it won't turn your butt around
But this funky weather baby's got me down

I ain't getting greedy I just need's a little love
And a little less of that rain comin' down from above
I don't want no extra special treatment don't you know
I just want's a little of your good to go

This funky weather baby it's a drag drag drag
This ain't no sunshine feelin's not my bag bag bag
I ain't no Albert Sweizer but baby I thinks I know
This funky weather baby's got to go

Said I don't want no pickled eggs or castles on the sand
I don't need no krugerands stinkin up my hands
I just want that sunshine that comes from your sweet smile
Standin underneath clear blue skies for a while

This funky weather baby ain't no fun for me
Makes me want to sit around and watch TV
Till I can't remember who I used to be
This funky weather baby's not for me

Said I don't want no fancy car I know that might be nice
But baby your sweet huggin lovin's price is nice times twice
And yes I do like chocolate and tangy taffy too
But baby you know they ain't as sweet as you