Bob Log III - One Man Band Boom lyrics

I'm Bob Log the Third, one man band, Tucson, Arizona.
Let me introduce the band to you:
On cymbals, left foot.
Over here on the bass drum, we got right foot.
Shut up!
This is my left hand that does all the slide work,
Right hand does the picking,
My mouth hole does most the talking,
And you're looking at my finger.
Don't talk to my finger, my finger is an asshole.
Woo! Fat Possum! Uh! Come on!

Bob Log the Third
Thanks for coming out tonight everybody
Go ahead, put your boob in my scotch.
Make your bubble strut put wall to wall stank.
Wiggle that room
Keep bumping those buns and spill that drink.
Wee! Uh!
I'll sell ya a tube top.
I'll sell ya some panties.
I'll sell ya a jacket
Uh! What you want?
Show me your teeth!
Turn up the helmet up, man.
Turn up the immune system in the monitor.
Turn up the HEY!
No, I ain't gonna.
I ain't, Yes I am.
Shut up!

Bob Log the Third
Here he comes.
Here he comes.
There he goes!
Look at that.
I'm a professional, god damn it!
I live in a car.