Bob Bennett - You're Welcome Here lyrics

W/M: Bob Bennett
© 1979 Maranatha! Music (ASCAP)

Lord, I hear you knocking
You been knocking at the door
How long have you been waiting
Seems I never really heard you before
I've kind of let the place go
I'm ashamed at what you'll find
But you can make yourself at home
If you're sure that you don't mind

Cause when I cry, the roof leaks
And when the wind blows, the walls are weak
But a house is known by the company it keeps
And I feel better now that you're near
And I want to make it clear
Jesus, from now on
You're always welcome here

There are dark rooms deep inside me
Where your light has never shown
And I tried to hide inside them
But I guess you've always known
That one day you would call me
And I'd awaken from my sleep
And you'd take me just the way I am
And you promise me you'd keep me.