Bob And Tom - Hang Up Your Cell Phone lyrics

I'm driving through the parking lot
When suddenly I see
Some lady in another car
Heading straight for me
She's talking on her cell phone
She doesn't know I'm there
I swerve to keep from getting hit
And I can't help but swear

Get off your (wah wah) cell phone
Put your hands at ten and two
Or I'm gonna cram that cell phone
Up the bottom side of you

There's a pistol in my glove box
I'm about to lock and load
So get off your (wah wah) cell phone
Or get off the (wah wah) road

I'm sitting in a quiet bar
Drinking a glass of beer
When some jerk gets on his cell phone
And everyone can hear
So I go to see a movie
To get away from everything
And just when the movie's getting good
I hear a cell phone ring

Get off your (wah wah) cell phone
Take that call another time
Or I'm gonna stick that cell phone
Up where the sun don't shine
This movie's got a soundtrack
I'd really like to hear
So put down your (wah wah) cell phone
Or I'll put it up your rear

(Hey, guy! It's Ken Tarmac! Hey, we just landed! Yeah, ATL! You got a sec? Uh, well it's a good time for me, Mike. About the mission statement: I know, but if you're five yards from the casket, you still have time. Listen, oh, I've got a phone call. Ken Tarmac. Hey, sugar, we just landed! Yeah, I got him on the other line. He said the body looks natural. Can't even tell there was a fire.)

Get off your (wah wah) cell phone
Wait until we're off the plane
Or when I'm done with that cell phone
You'll never sit the same

They're gonna hear you screaming
Way up there in first class
When I take your (wah wah) cell phone
And shove it up your ass

(Hello? Hey, babe. No, I'm not doing anything. Oh, I love the sound of your voice. I'm never too busy to talk to you.)