Bo Deal - Debo (2011)

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Bo Deal - Debo lyrics


If you got it, better not flaunt it
Cause I'mma put my young niggas on it
All your ice look good and we doin' it
Cause your ass gettin' it and my niggas want it, want it
I rob niggas
Hit licks
Take pounds
Get bricks
Rob niggas
Hit licks
Take pounds
Get bricks
Rob niggas
Hit licks
Take pounds
Get bricks
Yeah I got my own dough, but I wanna spend his shit

[Verse 1]

Your valuables are under repo
Take a nigga's shit then go and ball like chemo
Here in my city we robbin' new jacks like Nino
Fuck somethin', I'm tryna hit it big like casino
Ask around, I bet he know
Killa Klan, niggas deep, ho
All work, no sleep, ho
Catch us in the streets, ho
This is real life; city niggas, real trife
Niggas playin' tough but they rats; I'm talkin' real mice
Big boss Bo, I got my city locked down
Other niggas had buzzes back then, but not now
We took that
Move forward, never look back
Yo' spot, I shook that
Clearview, where the crooks at


[Verse 2]

That nigga chilly-eyed, d-low
Zero; don't get up and try to be a hero
Pop one in your knee hole
Bo shoot like a free throw
Strip down like a cheap ho
Found dough and a ki of dope
I'll strong-arm a motherfucker
Make him give me everything like I'm a charmin' motherfucker
Don't try alarmin' motherfuckers
I'll pop your ass and get this shit done with, motherfucker
Hollow tip, he don't want that
Hot slug where that bump at
Kick a door with that pump, jack
Yellin' out "where that tump at?"
Lay the fuck down; wreck the house, check the couch
Snatch up everything we can sell
We riders, check us out