Bluntside - One Way Out lyrics

Sometimes it just blows me away
The paths that you chose
And the ways that you've changed
When you can ignore
The pain that exists
I still can't believe
It all comes down to this...

Where are you coming from?
Seems so far away
I feel I don't know,
By the things that you say
I've seen this road before
Been down it once of twice
But you know me,
All too well...

I guess I just don't understand,
All these lies
And the pain that you bring to my life
The answer just
Seems too far away, It seems too far away

To think so much, even to this day
Your life for so long
Fading to solemn gray
Who can go on
Not walk with clenched fists?
I still can't believe that
It comes down to this...