Blueprint - We Takin' It (2012)

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Blueprint - We Takin' It lyrics

We takin’ it (X4)

[Verse 1]
Been on it since long before the album dropped
The way he quoted, think he wrote it with the CAPS LOCKED
Scream on ‘em, beam on ‘em, make their raps stop
Why the industry keep investing in these laughing stocks?
They got cash, but they ain't gainin’ no interest
Street credit been depted, you over your limit
As for all of your riches, you was only pretendin’
You just wanna be pimpin’, I’m here frontin’ for bitches
I’ma find alotta joy when I crush yo spirits
You hear the fat lady sing before your song finished
You ain't hardly authentic, you as soft as a kitten
Spittin’ horrible riddance, bitch you gotta be kidding
You gets no respect fakin’ till your makin’ it
Your rhyme writing checks, your pride gotta pay for it
My word is my bond, no breakin’ it
I ain't asking no more, I’m just takin’ it

We takin’ it (X4)

(Verse 2)
No patterns to explain what the flow do
No parameters, the man has no rules
No corralling ‘em, he unchain, no screws
No handlers can handle him, he broke loose
Hoes is vanishing for talking down, undue
Hoes is mad at ‘em, saying that he no good
They so scandalous, playing games, no use
Don’t be mad at ‘em, be glad they never chose you
He got the cameras flashin’ cause he so cool
He so American down to the soul food
All the amateurs is playing around with Pro Tools
So all the gamblers is bettin’ that he don't lose
On all the campuses, they like “You my boy, Blue”
Cause everything about us, habitat is old school
Before you challenge them think twice before you choose
Whatever happened after that is on you


We takin’ it (X5)
On down!
Down (X4)