Bluehorses - The Fool lyrics

Cards are on the table and the hanging man's the star
The road goes on for ever and you know you're going far
You can hide your inner vision and at night in your sleep you'll see
The only reason that you're here is because you follow me

Don't you know me, can't you even guess my name
Don't you know me, you can't ever win my game

Spin the wheel of fortune, I watched the lovers run
All youve even hidden, shines out clearly in the sun
Because I am always wondering beneath the raven moon
I saw the towers falling and I heard the pipers tune

Don't ..

Fear me from the cold when day is past and night has come
When the snow begins to fall and hides the winters sun
And although you think you know me, as a true and loyal friend
I'll be just behind oyu on the road that never ends

Don't ....

Take me to the dark side of the moon (refrain)