Bluehorses - Passer By lyrics

Sedatives induce sweet sleep; memory is running deep
Another day in cardboard city land
All gods children sleep alone, concrete floor chilled to the bone
Dreaming of solutions close at hand

Will the infant cry again, does it make you count to ten
Cider coated fingers kill their chant
Tucked up safely in the womb, a life that doesn't see the gloom
Descending on the proudness of their stance

One day there will be, answers to this cry
One day there will be, no more tears
One day there will be, reasons to decide
One day I will be a passer by

If you reach out you will find, a consciousness that's left behind
Easy to forget to make your mark
Sign a postcard with a tear, always wishing you were here
Comfort doesn't make the world so dark

Sleeping under hurtful skies, dream of love and close your eyes
Think of all the places you have been
Will it be the same tonight, move on to another site
Summer isn't always what it seems.