Bluehorses - DYa lyrics

D'ya drink real ale with Arthur
Reminisce on promised lands
D'ya quaff it from a chalice
That you found in shifting sands

D'ya picnic on wild mushrooms
D'ya shrink to hobbit size
Follow Gandalf down the magic road
Coz he's the coolest guy

We're all having so much of fun .
Dancing with our kit off like a flower
In the morning sun...

D'ya wallow in crop circles
D'ya gather heavy vibes
D'ya camp in gortex pyramids
With your own shamanic tribe

D'ya chill in all the henge's
From the stone to the sublime
Does your cat smell of patchouli?
Does he recognise the signs?

D'ya eat meat in your mother's house
Coz she wouldn't understand
Hide the Volvo in the garage
And weekend in the van

D'ya save the Celtic rainforest
From your bed on crossed leylines
Meet up with your druid mates
Nut pie in the sky