Bluebottle Kiss - Hasten The Blows lyrics

Sleeping in to two pm that's the kind of life that's gonna kill you peel the dust off from your eyes and slide into the water rats inside the walls they sing "another cup of sleep and he is under" dancing on the crockery a kitchen full of insect slaugher lonely we could be alright bring on the chorus tonight these loves they never last a heart that turn to glass the moon is half a slice tonight but you can't see it for the fog of summer the fight you always try to keep still scrape the paint and can't remember this love that wakes at witching hour the moon prevokes the tides to final softness girls in cars and boys in bars fallen asleep to burnt Decembers a figure caught beneath the blades you'll sleep it off it's just a graze we'll burn the ferris wheel in song and paralyse these second glances parked on shattered asphalt dunes and drunk on all of night times naked splendour waking up a broken toy and plotting to be underwater hasten the blows there's no time to echo those summers.