Blue System - Tow Hearts Beat As One lyrics

Babe I'm singin' just for you
A serenade in blue
See my emotion
Oh you you kiss with no return
I see the candles burn
Feel my devotion
Oh I see my heart is tumblin' down
Baby you make this whole world go around
Baby I know babe what should never be
Kiss me hold me baby till eternity

Oh lover lover lover two hearts beat as one
It's like burnin' fire
Lover lover lover lady of the dawn
Can't you feel desire
Come with me
To a serenade in blue
Oh don't set me free
I will kiss you I will give you heav'n too

Babe I'm not a souvenir
I'm drownin' in my tears
See my emotion
Oh that's no way to say goodbye
Silence starts to cry
Feel my devotion
Oh why can't I find the paradise
Baby I know that good love never dies
Baby now oh this love will turn out fine
Kiss me hold me baby now it's our time