Blue Skies Burning - Casting Iron Hearts lyrics

when dew moistened eyes burst open, i want to see blossomed faces staring through. to be the ever unnoticeable. lowered within this shadow box. enamoured with the darkest of stars. lunging into the line of fire. the longest walk occurs every morning. oh the days spent in front of the mirror. pity adds up and sores spill out. rapids of fluids and self disgust. i beg of you to curse this face. appending bandages. damn, those excuses. they were so quick to rust. out-stretched arms shot straight through. clearing miles of barren heartaches. apprehension slowly trickled down. interlocked and elegant woven hands gripping. braced for the eve of frailty. these honeyed years are torn from their stems. so let's count how much was lost and let's make this reflection pay me back. i lay my head down on her lap what strength she has. as heartsick medicine, she fills this empty cup. and how great are these days they proclaim to be the greatest of our lives?