Blue October (UK) - Tears Of Silvery Rain lyrics

I’ll be there by the hour, I’ll be there by the day.
I’ll be there as the sun breaks…
I’ll be there when it’s quiet, so I’ll know not to say.
Wrong decisions are hard to face.

A change of feeling for now,
Try to find you somehow,
Stealing thunder, in loves’ mistakes.
As someone asks you inside,
D’you know you’re playing with fire?

Why are you seemingly low?
Why aren’t you raring to go?
You keep on crying those tears of silvery rain.
No more passion within.
Can’t think of where to begin now…

Dialling in for the power, down and out by the road.
I’ll be there with you come what may.
So run and hide in your tower, somewhere safe in your soul,
Keep the demons of harm away.

Unaware, on my own,
I could die here alone,
None the wiser for want in this.
Summoned strength or divine?
I know our love’s on the wire.

And still it sends me.
And still you blame me.
Cos I can’t take this.
And still it sends me.