Blue Eyed Devils - The Truth lyrics

The Truth

You try to break my will and try to bring me down,
But I will presevere, my spirit remains sound,
All that I hold to be just and all that I hold inside,
In this world gone to shit, I'm standing strong and full of pride,
I know the truth and I know what's right,
Courage to face my foe, in the midst of chaos I'll keep up the fight,
The truth will conquer all and the truth will set you free,
With justice as my shield, I control my destiny,
Nothing is stronger than what I believe to be true,
The power I need to be destroy the threat of the Jew,
Now I know what I need, the feeling that I am right in what I believe,
I know the truth will rise above all,
Sit and watch my victims as they fall,
The truth will rise above!