Blu - The Clean Hand lyrics (Chinese translation). | Ay yo we talkin about the gems
, Don't forget about the jewels, rings
, You rolling with the...
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Blu - The Clean Hand (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Ay yo we talkin about the gems
ZH: 唉哟我们心爱的宝石

EN: Don't forget about the jewels, rings
ZH: 别忘了珠宝的戒指

EN: You rolling with the misfits, kings
ZH: 你不称职,国王轧

EN: 400 on the fit bitch, scream
ZH: 对适合 400 婊子,尖叫

EN: Gimme shine, gimme shine my brother (like me)
ZH: 给我擦,给我擦我弟弟 (比如我)

EN: And don't forget about the gems (that drop in the sinks)
ZH: 别忘宝石 (即下降汇)

EN: Throw up plenty on this ship with me, please
ZH: 请和我一起扔了这艘船上的很多

EN: They acting like we never had nothing, nigga eat
ZH: 他们表现得像我们从来没有什么,黑鬼吃

EN: I played a clean hand on a mummy, these sleeves
ZH: 我在一个木乃伊,这些袖子打干净的手

EN: I wear my heart on that
ZH: 我穿上,我的心

EN: War started when I wished I was a Harlem cat
ZH: 战争开始时我希望自己是哈莱姆猫

EN: It ain't a problem, but I would have ate up all them cats
ZH: 这不是一个问题,但我会把所有这些猫吃了

EN: And ate up all their tracks, but bitches call me back
ZH: 吃掉了他们的踪迹,但母狗给我回电话

EN: Black cat kid, Chucks and a chain
ZH: 黑猫的孩子,夹头和链

EN: My name heavy, the game know ya boy ain't playin
ZH: 我重,游戏知道震遐的男孩的名字是不是玩玩而已

EN: Cause they pay for me, I gotta check your ID
ZH: 原因他们付钱对我来说,我必须要检查您的 ID

EN: ? chicken is pricey
ZH: ?鸡是昂贵

EN: Fine pinky cause I shine ?
ZH: 精细的小指事业发光吗?

EN: My mind peaking on the break of converting the swine-eaters
ZH: 我心中的转换猪徒休息的峰值

EN: Bacon burgers, avocado on a ? brother
ZH: 培根汉堡,牛油果对吗?哥哥

EN: Save the onions for my murianos cause
ZH: 保存为我的 murianos 因为洋葱

EN: I smoke a doobie at the movies, what you tryna fuck her
ZH: 我抽一看电影,你最潇洒操她

EN: Real shit, she think she lucky, 'til I can fuck her
ZH: 真正的爱,她觉得她很幸运,直到我可以操她

EN: Seattle, Met Apollo on a Wednesday
ZH: 西雅图,遇见阿波罗日 (星期三)

EN: He swore his life has never been the same
ZH: 他发誓说他的生活从来不是相同

EN: I said it's funny cause I only been this close to CEO, this green
ZH: 我说很有趣因为我只有这么近首席执行官,这绿色

EN: You know the ?, yeah them niggas paid
ZH: 你知道吗,是你不想支付

EN: New plates in the lane, I need my rep tighter
ZH: 在车道的新板,需要我代表更严格

EN: And all my niggas should be closer with the debts biting
ZH: 著我应该更接近与咬的债务

EN: Not to mention we blessed, oh yea we only blessed nigga
ZH: 不用说,我们有福气哦是的我们只福黑鬼

EN: What you invest in? Little brother, I'm hesitant, it's the shine
ZH: 你投资的吗?小弟弟,我犹豫不决,它是光泽

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: Forget a crew, you need a sidekick
ZH: 忘了乘员组,您需要一个助手

EN: The nice bitches to croon
ZH: 漂亮的母狗要唱情歌

EN: They like niggas now
ZH: 他们喜欢现在的黑人

EN: Tight crown fits with the robe
ZH: 紧冠符合外袍

EN: They pull a throne out they ass for me
ZH: 他们拉出他们的宝座为我的屁股

EN: So I sat on
ZH: 我坐在

EN: Sat and got my mack on, natural bitches with Mac on
ZH: 坐上, 有我的麦克,自然婊子与 Mac 上

EN: Snatched cool catch, cool batch with a piece
ZH: 被抢去酷渔、 用一块很酷的批处理

EN: Pulling platinum and heat off that memorex compete
ZH: 竞争拉动白金与热关闭那梅莫雷克斯

EN: I got visions of me and a milli that wanna be the Willie
ZH: 我有我和毫的想要成为威利的幻觉

EN: Never be Uncle Willy, that ? was silly
ZH: 永远不会叔叔威利的吗?很傻

EN: Shit I should drive a Bentley
ZH: 妈的我应该开宾利

EN: Be in nobody's business
ZH: 在没人的业务

EN: Be in nobody's spot fuckin all the bitches
ZH: 在没人的地方心所有的婊子

EN: Who wanted all the riches? We did
ZH: 是谁想所有的财富?我们做了

EN: Call my sisters.
ZH: 打电话给我的姐妹们。