Blu - Never Ending lyrics

It just does not stop … it never ends
Like a precious blend of life wrapped into heaven's winds
Like sex and infinite with every second and minute
Sending love for what's missing, killing the stress and the sinning
Then it begins … you meet her
And the first eternal cycle of life starts to occur, first your vision is blurred
Try'na figure how to get her peeps jockin so you're eavesdroppin' listenin' to her words
First time, love at first sight, it's relevant in your life
A glow like an angel on earth, her soul was so bright
That your nights become days
One way or the other she'll discover your praise
And someday you'll be lovers, that's just to say the least
And if you ever get the guts to speak
Nothing but a couple feet away from making love complete
But you love the discreet thoughts that cross in your mind and that's it
Like an isolated island in the sunshine is that chick
Next day the same shit, same time, same impression you get
Same kind of feeling killing your mind 'cause you're too shy to say shit
Not even "Hi", wishin' a perceptional state
So you visit this same place envisioning the chick as a fix for this
Silent as a predator the prey you stay picturin'
Your souls walk across the ocean both talkin' of emotions
'til your hearts' caught in the moment of an omen called love
Supposed to last forever
Awakened by a waiter askin' if you have his cheddar
And you realize
Nothing can be better than havin the pleasure sitting at the table that she's gigglin at
But never will you ever get at that … so you smile
While the world continues and thoughts send you to the clouds
Where Flora Purim sings of dream and you absorb
The never ending feeling that you're living for nothing more than her