Blu & Fate - Cosmophobia (Revisited) (Open Your Optics To Optimism Album) (2016)

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Blu & Fate - Cosmophobia (Revisited) (Open Your Optics To Optimism Album) lyrics

(yeah, shout out to Fa†e)

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Ayo, my boy got the tiny box
I'm on the planet with shiny watch (Blu!)
Watching it tock, living life without a clock
Four hands in foreign lands
Monolingual, tryna talk to the people
I need a hand to put the laws on the evil
Cleaning my temple, even my mental
Reading and rinsing, full body discipline
No out of body shit
Blowing smoke out my body
Probably lit
Ayo, I don't float away when I smoke the J
I use to though
Different dimension
Time travel existence
Photograph, phonograph, motion picture, television
All the feelings in the book
Even Galactus felt trapped when he got captured
Eating planets, I need a statue
Living room
Bigger view
Neighborhood, city, state
I feel trapped
I need a break
This is it
One take
Sign the deal, you get the wheels, wear the suit
I'm in The Hills, what the fuck...
Move a mountain, a rocket
I need a mothership
I'm on some other shit

Even the god got caught up in the moment...