Blowfly - The Girl Wants To Fuck lyrics

You know I seen so many of you dudes out there blow more pussy than a little bit by bullshittin' around. Wanna wine em and dine em for two months. Playing the perfect gentleman. When all the time you don't know what a broad really wants. Let me tell you.

The girl wants to fuck
You can tell by the way she dance
The girl wants to fuck
So don't blow your chance
Her pussy is hot
Can't you smell the fragrance
She just can't wait to give all of her pussy away
Listen you fuckin' square
Do you hear what I say
The girl wants to fuck
So you better get wise
The girl wants to fuck
She's wet between the thighs
Give them some prick
Before they start fuckin each other
Or is that exactly what you want them to do

Her cunt is made for more than pissin'
It's made for kissin'
Just look what you been missin
Your prick is made for more than jerkin'
So why don't you start workin'
At doing something besides beating your meat
The girl wants to fuck
So why not stop wasting time
With only 7 inches of prick
You can easily be her hero
So fellas, start using your dick
And stop being a zero
Your prick is like Pharaoh
All of that dust and must and rust
Why don't you come on and join us

The girl wants to fuck
The girl wants to suck

You can easily when them hos are hot
Specially for you guys like me who to like to go out and get them one nighters with a strange piece of cunt
And if you touch her on the arm and she let it stay there
That mean she used to being touched on the arm
You don't bullshit with that shit
Now if you play with her thighs and nothing happens
Don't change no expression
You know what that mean
That mean you ain't done nothing strange
But you happen to touch her on the neck
Or on the tits or on the ass
And she jumps up, Oh no, don't do that, please
That means you gettin close to paydirt, buddy!
She might tell you
Hey, if that's what you're lookin for
Just a one night stand or a piece, piece of ass
You better go find somebody else
That's when you play your Blowfly Trick!
Say, Okay baby, you know, I'm sorry
But you are so fine, I mean I'm not used to seein fine, a fine ho like you
Y'know, I lost control of myself
But I guarantee you, It won't happen no mo
You just be nice to em
And dance and you pick one of them slow records and you groove
And then you let your hand work slowly toward that spot what made her jump before
Then you see, start, stop pushing your weight and start grabbin it, yeah
Then you know Blowfly was right!

And remember
No matter what I do, fuckin line assholes tell you
They wanna do one thing
Pardon me
Either two things
Fuck or suck
Y'all come on do it with me, say it
Fuck or suck
Fuck or suck
Fuck or suck
Fuck or suck
Fuck or suck
Fuck or suck
Change it up a little bit, here's what I like to right here
This is what me and Freddy do, we go, we go
Fuck and suck
Fuck and suck
Fuck and suck
Fuck and suck
And Freddy means Freddy, A-list to black sharp,
He like something like this
Beat and eat
Beat and eat
Beat and eat
Beat and eat

I bet there gon be a lot of pussy got off this record ain't ya
On the disco floor with them body shirts on
You know what to do, fellas
Take em straight from the fuckin' disco
Don't take em, don't spend no money on no hotel
Take em hoes back of the fuckin' club in the goddamn car
Don't pull that shit off, just pull it to one side, y'know?
And fuck the shit outta 'em.