Blossom Toes - Mrs Murphy's Budgerigar lyrics

If I had a bus I'd, ah…….
Mrs. Murphy's budgerigar is lost today
Nobody's really certain why it ran away
It wan't that she didn't feed it, cause she was very kind
So if you see it, would you mind just phoning?
There's a lady with a rusty pram to sell
Is she joking when she says it runs quite well?
Any reasonable offer will not refuse. I'm sure
She'll even bring it to your door for inspection
If I was very rich, I know
I'd buy old bikes that didn't go to see old ladies smiling
Someones got a train set and that's a thing I'm for
This one so they say will cover half your floor
I bet somebody's crying a little in that house today
Because they have to move away and sell everything
Mrs. Murphy's budgerigar, I know you're free
Certainly it's nicer living in your tree
But Mrs. Murphy's budgerigar won't you just visit home
Cause Mrs. Murphy's missing you. She's all alone