Bloody Wings - Stranger To Your Sun lyrics

A feeling - as if I could smile and bleed the same -
I suspect of some greedy evil in me
I stare resteless at my steps so cold
In hot lands
I'm feeling
As if all that hurts, is me.

Always walking through unknown lands
Mechanical inertness

As a stranger to your sun
Ghost of marble
Timeless cry

Observing this - so far - mankind falling and rising
Their power to restore what they loose so quick
When I seem unable to will
And last
I'm feeling
As if what I hate, is me.

Lifetime of dispassion
My highest hope shall never bloom

And sometimes I ask myself
Who do I belong?
This place is not for me
And my face wears not their skin
I feel a buzz in (my) head
Please let me see
Is mine a sane playground?
Is this reality?